The Perfirmer is a great product!

The Perfirmer is a great product that can be used on its own or to supplement a workout. The product is great for all fitness levels, from beginners to the most athletic individuals. I consider myself in great shape, and was excited to test out the Perfirmer. I used the product for a month and have seen and felt improvements physically and aesthetically. My overall strength has increased both upper body and core. With the Perfirmer I am not just doing the “typical” pushup but a variety of pushups that workout my whole body.
The Perfirmer is unique in its design, it that it allows the user to remain stationary or to move the handles using wheels. The wheels definitely increase the intensity of the workout and by the end of the workout my whole body is exhausted.
Athletes will find this product beneficial in regards to any sport they play and to help build muscle the user can wear a weighted vest.
In total, buy this product! You will not be disappointed and will enjoy the Results!

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