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The Perfirmer is a great product!

The Perfirmer is a great product that can be used on its own or to supplement a workout. The product is great for all fitness levels, from beginners to the most athletic individuals. I consider myself in great shape, and was excited to test out the Perfirmer. I used the product for a month and have seen and felt improvements physically and aesthetically. My overall strength has increased both upper body and core. With the Perfirmer I am not just doing the “typical” pushup but a variety of pushups that workout my whole body.
The Perfirmer is unique in its design, it that it allows the user to remain stationary or to move the handles using wheels. The wheels definitely increase the intensity of the workout and by the end of the workout my whole body is exhausted.
Athletes will find this product beneficial in regards to any sport they play and to help build muscle the user can wear a weighted vest.
In total, buy this product! You will not be disappointed and will enjoy the Results!

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Total Body Fitness with Only Pushups and Situps

Perfect Pushup Fitness

Resistance exercises have been used to build fitness for centuries and the most common of these exercises are pushups and situps. By mixing in some variety and doing some muscle isolation routines, any athlete can create a well-rounded fitness regime to equal virtually all the benefits achieved through an expensive health club membership. Here are some of the great reasons you may want to consider as you evaluate your workout program.

Improved Endurance

Although not considered primarily cardiovascular exercises, a combined regimen of pushups and situps can provide a very strenuous workout to stimulate heart and lung activity. When used in combination with other cardio focused workouts the improvements in overall endurance can become even more pronounced. For an even better workout, alternating sets of pushups and situps with no rest between is a great way to really get the heart pumping.

Increased Strength

As you would expect from resistance exercises, pushups and situps definitely help you build strength. With a regular exercise routine, you can increase the muscle strength of your chest, shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, back, abs, hips and even legs. When done properly, a varied workout routine featuring pushups and situps can improve the strength and flexibility of nearly all the major muscle groups.

Growth of Muscle Mass

The weight and tension of your own body allow pushups and situps to build muscle mass. Your shoulders, triceps, chest, back and abs will be noticeably more muscular after a few weeks of training. You can improve your muscle-building workout through isolated exercises assisted by inexpensive equipment like our Perfirmer Home Gym. You can also increase resistance by adding weight like a dumbbell or medicine ball for increased muscle building.

Better Balance and Flexibility

Because you’re strengthening all your major muscle groups, especially your core, you can improve overall balance and greatly reduce the likelihood of injury. Also, by mixing in stretching and not using excessive weight in your routine, you can expect to improve your overall flexibility.

Low Expense

A couple of the largest benefits of pushup and situp focused activities are that you don’t need a dedicated workout space and they don’t require any ongoing investment. You can work out wherever and whenever you want and the only expenditures are time and effort.

Perfect Pushup and Situp Routines

Overall, the benefits of a broad workout program of primarily pushups and situps can match anything you get from expensive gym memberships. There are also many online resources, such as our video library, to educate yourself on variations of the standard exercises that can help you keep your workouts fresh and your muscles challenged. Give some of these workouts a try and you may never go back to your old routine.




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Top 10 Reasons It Is Better to Work Out in a Home Gym

Better Home Fitness

Commit to Home Workouts

As manufacturers and distributors of home fitness equipment we are obviously big fans of home exercise. We believe you can get an exceptional workout and build a stronger, healthier body without the time and financial commitment of a gym membership. We also like the freedom to take our fitness program outdoors to be one with nature. Here are the top ten reasons we feel that a home gym is better than a membership.

Home Gym Top 10:

  1. There are no monthly gym fees so it’s less expensive.
  2. It’s more flexible for your schedule. Workout anytime you want!
  3. You can wear whatever you want. You don’t need to get dressed up.
  4. The shower is readily available and you know it’s clean.
  5. You help the environment with less fuel usage because you don’t need to drive anywhere.
  6. You never have to wait on equipment!
  7. You can watch and use your favorite television or internet exercise programs.
  8. It’s more efficient because you eliminate travel time.
  9. You can set up your workout space exactly the way you like it.
  10. You can use your Perfirmer Home Gym to sculpt your body!

Home Fitness is FreedomHome Gym Equipment

Overall, we just prefer the freedom and flexibility of being able to exercise where we want, how we want and with whom we want. And with the high quality and affordable fitness equipment on the market today, you can get an outstanding workout and build the body you want at home. A home fitness regime allows you to save time, save money and live healthy!

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PF Home Gym Launches E-Commerce Website

Innovative Perfirmer® Home Gym exercise equipment now available online at

Online PR News – 02-November-2011 –Marlboro, NJ – PF Home Gym LLC, a developer and distributor of premium home exercise equipment, today announced the launch of its online store at their website The patented Perfirmer® Home Gym upper-body sculpting system can now be purchased directly by consumers through the new online store.

This post is a copy of our national press release. To view the full release with video and images, please go here.

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Build A Better Body with Modern New Variations of Traditional Exercises

The pushup is most likely the first core training exercise most fitness enthusiast ever master, and also the first one they abandon. Once upon a time they found out bench press, come up off the floor, and never practice pushups again. But if you want a really athletic physique, that’s a big mistake. How do I know? Because 3 years ago I set out to study the training secrets of the world’s best military training from Russia to the USA and China. No matter what country, I found the planet’s toughest men training with pushups. And many Special Forces training based on the variations of the pushup exercises I’d never seen before. We live in the modern world and I tried to revitalize the idea of pushups to make it effective for users of all ages and fitness levels. I didn’t invent just another push-up handles, but developed a highly-efficient upper-body sculpting system. The PerFirmer pushup handles provide greater fitness benefits while performing a variety of core training exercises utilizing push-up handles with wheels. We are totally innovate traditional pushup exercises with Perfirmer. I’ve included 12 of the modern variations here. Think you’re tough? Try to complete 10 reps of each – 120 pushups total in 15 minutes or less. It is a body-weight challenge that’s sure to make you a believer in the power of the pushup.

Click here to see our total workout video plan!

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The PerFirmer Push-up Challenge

PerFirmer Push-up Challenge - Are You Ready?Physical fitness isn’t just about lifting. It is about how strong you are relative to your bodyweight….”says Martin Rooney, P.T., C.S.C.S., author of ‘Ultimate Warrior Workouts’. He has a simple test: Do as many pushups as you can.
Here is the chart:
< 55 pushups – Below average
55 to 74 pushups – Average
75 to 99 pushups – Good
100 to 110 pushups – Excellent
111 and more – Extraordinary

Martin says: if they struggle, they need to either gain strength or lose weight.

The question remains: HOW TO BOOST YOUR PUSHUP SCORE?
If your score is low and you can’t do 15 pushups with perfect form ….your arms, chest, shoulders, abs, lower back muscles are weak.

We have a perfect solution for you instantly increase your score of pushup repetitions. Multifunctional PerFirmer allow you to do variety of exercises. With our workout program you can start with the beginners session and at the very first day to perform 4 easy to do pushup variations (with 12 to 15 reps for each). So instantly you would have a score of 50-60 repetitions!!! The first step program builds stability, endurance in your core and improve the main muscles groups. Positive and fast result will help you quickly to start our modified and advanced program and as a result to have STRONGER BODY IN SIX WEEKS!

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