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PerFirmer highly-efficient upper-body sculpting system

PerFirmer is an exceptionally effective core training product that allows variety of core training exercises, including common push ups as well as dynamic roll outward and roll forward workouts that sculpt the upper body faster and more efficiently.

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Innovative home gym equipment enhanced with wheels and a revolving handle that allows the base to use two functioning surfaces. One side of the base provides four-wheeled construction. The opposite side of the handle is a non-slip base. This unique revolving feature allows you to utilize a variety of advanced muscle-building exercises.

Perfect for men and women of basic, modified and advanced fitness levels and all ages. The unique design of PerFirmer provides an amazing core workout including pushups and unique dynamic exercises such as roll away and roll forward that improve your flexibility and incredibly sculpt the upper body.

Revolutionary design allows for more push up variation of exercises and engages more muscles such as the chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abdominals. It helps perform better and firm up your body faster with a variety of easy exercises. PerFirmer is an incredibly effective and inexpensive way to use it in your regular workouts with maximum results on many muscle groups.

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